Where do they come from?

Out with the boys on the Wednesday training bash.
Floaty days? Seems like you just get them sometimes. There’s no rhyme or reason, they’re not planned, and you can’t schedule ’em. Yeah, and the more you desire them, the more elusive they are.

Anyway, had a bit of a cold lately. Woke up feeling rough, aching all over with a pulse of 96 lying in bed. Did my normal recovery routine. No bike, and plenty of good food and rest. After three days I’m starting to feel better, at 5 days I try an easy hour on the bike, at 7 days I’m out with the boys for the Wednesday afternoon bash.

See, the weather is nice, I’m desperate to get out, I’m only gonna roll along at the back, and I’ll peel off if it gets too much. As I ride down to the meet by the Plan d’Eau below Rochechouart I’m feeling good, though a little breathless.

Our planned route will take us down to Chalus then over to Dournazac, on to Nontron, then back up the main road through St Mathieu and Vayres before my favorite ‘run in’ back to Rochechouart. There’s a good crew out. Plenty of engines. The makings of a good session.

I’m floating along. It’s like someone else is pedaling. I’m just a passenger enjoying the scenery. On the climbs I’m breathing hard, but not as hard as some of the riders next to me. On the long drag out of Dournazac the pressure goes on. No problem, I just increase my cadence. Climbing up into Nontron Supermax is putting the boot in, but I’m still with him.

Along the main road heading homewards, there’s a slight headwind, and some work shyness creeping in. I’m sharing the work with two others. It seems easy. As we motor down the last few kilometers the pace is high. With about 1km to go, and just for fun, I jump hard. I just can’t stop myself, I feel that good.

Back into Rochechouart now. Riders peel off for home. All of a sudden I’m feeling tired, very tired. As the last two riders turn off, and I’m riding the 3kms home on my own, all form and strength deserts me. I clang down through the gears. On the last climb to home I feel like getting off and walking. My legs are starting to cramp. Just over 4hrs on the clock. A great day on the bike. Floating. I’ll have more of the same please! 🙂

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