Back in training proper…

Fed up, frustrated, fat and getting fatter, I grabbed my race bike and headed out…
The gentle rides i’ve been doing showed no ill effects so i decided it was time to make some effort. I was gonna go on Big Bird, but she didn’t have a bottle cage on, and I was to damn grumpy to fit one.

On the climb up to L’Age I pushed the big gear I usually push. I was gasping for air as I passed through the village. On towards the pavé that leads towards St Auvent, 15 metres of pavé ridden I turned back and stayed with the tarmac, sensible for once. On to the chemin that leads up to Cognac le Forét, 20 mins done, I’m uncomfortable and my back is starting to ache.

A quick pause to take in the view at the radio mast above Roussis, then down to Cognac itself. Next, I just hammer back along the main road. I feel sick, fat, my back aches, my shoulders ache, every few minutes I have to sit up and stretch, but it’s great. Driving hard down the last few kms seeing how long I can hold top gear.

Only an hour and a half, but it’s a start, and I feel so much better. There’s some big events coming up in September and I really really want to do them. Daft innit? 😉

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