I know I shouldn’t but I did……

My KH400 at the Chateau in Rochechouart
While i’ve been waiting for shoulder to recover i’ve been fettling my motorbike, the last thing I was waiting for was a new set of plugs, and they arrived today. I popped them in, and fired her up, 2nd kick. Ticked over beautiful, dead even and smooth…… I know I shouldn’t have, but I just couldn’t stop myself. Grabbed my helmet and went for a blast.

I rode a loop that brought me back up the main road from Chalus to Rochechouart, a road created specifically for hustling a two-stroke along i’m sure. Hardly straight for kilmometres with lovely winding bends on a super smooth surface that gets you working the motor, rowing the top three gears, and havin’ a blast. I stopped briefly at the Chateau to check for leaks, and problems, there were none. I razzed home.

I have told yer ’bout my new/old motorbike haven’t I? I will. πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “I know I shouldn’t but I did……

  1. Steve ,I agrre with you about Chalus-Rochechouart BUT a better biking road continues from Chalus to St Yrieux-superb surface,fabulous scenery,120 mph on the straights.Makes a lovely hours run Rochechouart to St Yrieux and back through,Jumilhac le Grand to La Coquilles and back up the N21

  2. ArthurBond007,
    If you’re reading this, thanks for visiting my humble blog and leaving such a well written humorous comment.

    I bloody well deleted it!!! πŸ™

    By accident!!! πŸ™

    Whilst getting rid of all the offers for penis enhancement, Russian brides, Polish porn, and Chinese squiggly things, I accidentally deleted it.

    Look, i’m whipping myself with a wire coat hanger as I type.

    Please comment again, if only to remind me of how dumb I am.


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