I was gonna do L’ ecureuil….

Yep, I was gonna do L’ ecureuil, one of the best sportives of the year. I’d sent in my entry form nice and early (May), got a reasonable start number (309), and was looking forward to it. However, shoulder recovery hasn’t been as fast as I was thinkin’. On Friday I set off for a test run, hoping to do around three hours nice and brisk. First hour was OK, but after that I just couldn’t get comfy. Legs were great, but shoulders and back were not. What’s worse, it was like I was setting, so it’d be uncomfortable then as soon as I let go of the bars to move it’d be even worse. So I decided to do the sensible thing and not go. 🙁

But, I seem to be OK for a couple of hours on my MTB so………. Rochechouart VTT Rando this coming week it is. Perhaps a good off-road rattling will loosen me up. Might even do it on Big Bird. 🙂

2 thoughts on “I was gonna do L’ ecureuil….

  1. Steve

    Do not worry about the shape you are in , ride and enjoy and laugh

    especially when you see how poor I am on a bike (sad sad sad) but still smiling

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