Return of Supawal

Supawal came up for the return visit this week, and following a tough training session yesterday followed by a good boozing session last night, I suggested we get up early and accompany Carla on her ride to work this morning. This seemed like a good idea when I suggested it, and we managed to get away on time, just after 7am. However, Carla insisted that we ‘lift the pace a bit’, then went on the front and set a relentless tempo that left us feeling glad when she peeled off to do the last mile or so on her own.We headed back at a much more relaxed pace along the bridleways and lanes, then up over Kinver before arriving back at home some hour and three quarters later fully revived, and ready for a serious breakfast. Our intention was to eat, relax a little, then go out for a second ride later in the day. Fresh coffee, toast, and poached eggs, followed by more toast and honey, we felt like kings.

By midday we were a wheel again. This time we headed west, toward Wyre Forest. What a fantastic place. I’ve seen more wildlife while riding a bike than ever I have walking, and today was no exception. Today we saw deer, only big ones, full size, and with full antlers, so impressive. Back to the riding, we rode singletrack after singletrack, stopped in the sun, sheltered in the rain, but all to soon it was time to head home. Back along the lanes, and ‘one last climb’, I said, up towards Shatterford. It was one climb too many, it started well enough, but we crashed down to the granny ring and grovelled to the top. We were shot.

Two days of great riding, with thanks to Supawal for making the effort and coming up, and Carla for feeding us, and setting the tempo this morning.

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